How to Put Blinds on a Fiberglass Door

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When you have a fiberglass door with a window, you may wonder how you can install window blinds without drilling holes. Because many fiberglass door manufacturers recommend against drilling holes into these doors, hang mini-blinds with alternative methods instead. Use special enclosed blinds that fit securely over the window, clamping in place tightly. The finished result will be privacy and light control over your door window without drilling holes.


Step 1

Measure the outside dimensions of the window glass around the raised window frame. Purchase an enclosed blind unit that will fit the dimensions of the window and frame.

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Step 2

Loosen the screws at each corner of the frame with the screwdriver. Do not remove the screws; just loosen them.


Step 3

Slide a bracket behind the top left and right corner of the window, aligning the brackets to make them flush with the top corners.

Step 4

Tighten the screws back into the frame with the screwdriver.

Step 5

Hang the enclosed blind unit by hooking it to the brackets you installed.

Step 6

Push the locking clips into place over the bottom left and right corners of the window to secure the enclosed blinds in place on the door.

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