Have a Unique Window in Your Loo? Here Are 9 Bathroom Curtain Ideas to Save the Day

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If you've ever tried to buy curtains specifically for a bathroom window, you might think that no two windows were ever built alike. And you might be right. In addition to the sizes being all over the place, bathroom windows can be square, rectangular, round, even hexagonal. And if you have more than one window in a bathroom, they might not be symmetrical. All of that makes buying window treatments a total pain. But here are nine bathroom curtain ideas that will inspire you to dress up (or dress down) even the most challenging windows.


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1. A Wall-Sized Window Treatment

Whether you have a huge bathroom window, a small porthole, or French doors leading out to the backyard, consider this bathroom curtain idea: run your drapes the full length of the wall. Brooklyn-based design firm Chango + Co. used the technique in this gorgeous bathroom design for an elegant look that makes the ceilings feel taller and eliminates any window treatment woes.


2. A Macrame Wall Hanging

Maintain your privacy and a steady stream of natural light in the bathroom by using a macrame wall hanging in place of a window curtain. And if it's truly an awkward size, plenty of Etsy sellers will custom make your macrame decor.


3. Shutters

If you'd prefer fewer textiles in your space, you can ditch the bathroom curtain idea completely and go with shutters. In fact, they're perfect for an awkwardly sized window since most shutter manufacturers offer custom sizes.


4. Sheer Roman Shades

If you're looking for a barely there bathroom curtain idea, try a sheer, white Roman shade like the ones in this master bathroom remodel designed by Shea from Studio McGee. Roman shades can be mounted in a window or over it if you're dealing with an awkward size or shape. IKEA's Ringblomma is an affordable, cordless version of this style and is available in two widths.


5. Window Film

Privacy film is another option to consider if you prefer to go sans bathroom window curtains but still want to let natural light in. And because it comes on a roll, it can be cut to fit even the most awkward window shapes and sizes. Designer Cassandra LaValle of Coco Kelley used this trick in her mini bathroom makeover.


6. Plants in Place of Curtains

Another way to add a sense of privacy: hang a bunch of plants instead of bathroom curtains. They'll get all the sunlight they need and plenty of moisture from the shower. Plus, your bathroom will feel like a boho-chic jungle. Win-win-win.


7. Leave It Bare

Hear us out: Not every bathroom window needs a curtain. If it's really high and there's no chance of anyone seeing inside, just leave it as is and let the light pour in, like in this bungalow bathroom designed by Amber Lewis.


8. Old-School Vinyl Roller Shades

See the shade in this bathroom designed by Katie Hackworth? Not really, right? Vinyl roller shades are a great option when you want your space to feel like you don't have curtains most of the time, except when you actually need them. Plus, many can be cut to width so they will fit just about any bathroom window.

9. A DIY Cafe Curtain

This cafe-style bathroom curtain idea is great when you really only need to cover part of your window. Erin at Francoise et Moi breaks down how she made her no-sew curtain with linen, hem tape, and ring clips.