How to Repair a Vertical Blind Tilt Wand

The tilt wand for vertical blinds is needed to open and close the slats of the blinds. However, when the tilt is used constantly, it can break or get worn out. When this happens, you can purchase new blinds or you can save money and repair the wand yourself. Repairing the tilt wand for vertical blinds can be done by reconnecting the tilt mechanism or replacing the tilt wand.

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Disconnected Tilt Mechanism

Step 1

Take the blinds off of the window and set them on a table or on the floor.

Step 2

Take the end caps off of the head rail. Pull the end caps off by hand or use a pair of pliers.

Step 3

Look inside the head rail on the end where the tilt wand is located. You should see a long metal rod that spans the width of the head rail.

Step 4

Push the tilt wand into the head rail until it connects with the tilt mechanism housing. Turn the tilt wand to make sure the slats will now open and close.

Step 5

Set the blinds back into place on the window.

Replace Tilt Wand

Step 6

Remove the end stiffener for the side of the blinds where the tilt wand is located. The end stiffener is typically a metal piece and may require the use of the pliers to remove.

Step 7

Find and remove the C-clamp that is used to support the rod. Pull the tilt rod away from the wand tilt mechanism.

Step 8

Insert a flat-head screwdriver in between the seam under the head rail and pry it open. Pull out the wand from the head rail.

Step 9

Place the end of the needle-nosed pliers on the wand tilt mechanism and pull it out. Push the wand tilt mechanism into the opening in the head rail.

Step 10

Reinsert the tile rod and reconnect the C-clamp. Set the end stiffeners back in place and then re-hang the blinds on the window.