How to Repair a Vertical Blind Tilt Wand

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When all is as it should be, turning the wand on your vertical blinds will turn the slats to the open or closed position. Sometimes, the eyelet on the wand itself breaks, and fixing the problem is a simple matter of replacing the wand or wand tip with a new one. However, if the wand carrier itself is broken or if the wand spins freely without affecting the blinds, it's time for a new tilt wand assembly. Fortunately, replacing the wand assembly is a quick, easy job.


To make life easier, wand tilt mechanisms come preassembled. Instead of trying to fiddle with the tiny gears and other parts inside, you can simply pop off the old mechanism and put on the new one. You'll also find that replacement parts for vertical blinds are easy to obtain. You can contact the manufacturer first, but if it can't help, one of the many blinds parts websites can.

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How to Repair a Vertical Blind Tilt Wand

Step 1: Remove the Blinds

You'll need to take the blinds down to perform this repair. Although technically not necessary, you will make your life much easier if you remove all the vertical blind slats before you do this. Leaving them on makes the blinds unwieldy to work with and risks bending or damaging the slats.


  1. Remove the blind valance and all of the slats. If you haven't already, remove the wand from the blinds as well.

  2. Take your headrail down and place it on a flat work surface.

Step 2: Access and Remove the Tilt Mechanism

The tricky part of this step is making sure you don't damage the end caps on your headrail. You'll need to remove these covers, but they all attach to the blinds differently. Some have a screw, while others use plastic clips. Avoid prying at the cap with a screwdriver. Instead, consult your blinds directions or the manufacturer's website to learn how your end caps come off.


  1. Remove the end caps from both ends of the headrail.

  2. Detach the metal rod that runs along your headrail at the idle end. This is usually a simple matter of loosening a few screws.

  3. Go back to the other end of the blind where the wand attaches. Pull the newly loosened carrier rail out of the headrail just far enough to access the wand tilt mechanism.

  4. Slide the tilt mechanism off the headrail. When you do, take notice of and remember how the mechanism comes off. It may slide right off or it could require a little tilting and maneuvering. Noting this now will make it easier to properly install the new mechanism.


Step 3: Install the New Mechanism

Popping a new tilt mechanism onto your blinds is easy, but you do need to do it right. Many only fit on the carrier rod one way. If you're struggling to get yours in place, double-check to see if you have it turned in the wrong direction.

  1. Slip the new tilt mechanism over the end of the metal rod and into position. You can then slide the carrier rod back into the headrail. When you do, make sure that the tabs on the new mechanism slide into the headrail channel.

  2. Return to the idle end of the blinds and reattach the rod. This should be as simple as aligning the rod properly and tightening the screws.

  3. Reinstall the end caps and hang up your blinds.

  4. Place your wand back on the hook and give it a test spin to make sure everything is in working order.




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