How to Replace a Vertical Blind Carrier Stem

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Although there are many different manufacturers, the general process of replacing the carrier stem is the same.

An accidental pull of a vane on a vertical blind sometimes causes damage to the carrier stem. The carrier stem is the portion that holds an individual vertical vane. The stem fits inside the carrier body, which attaches to the upper track. Often one side of the vane connector will crack off if the individual vane is pulled. Replacing a vertical blind carrier stem requires removing the broken one and taking it to a store for a replacement. This helps ensure purchasing the correct type of carrier stem for your vertical blinds.


Step 1

Open the vanes of the vertical blind with the wand. The vanes should be pointing perpendicular to the window or sliding door.

Step 2

Grab the carrier body with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Grab the body on the flat portion and as close as possible to the carrier stem without touching the stem.

Step 3

Hold the carrier body with the pliers and twist the stem left to right with your free hand. Pull down on the stem as you twist it until it comes out of the carrier body.


Step 4

Take the stem to a blind dealer or home improvement center to match a new one. The carrier stems have a variety of different connecting ends and must be replaced with the same configuration.

Step 5

Insert the end of the carrier stem into the hole in the carrier body. It takes some force to push the stem in until it clicks into place.



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