How to Install a Water Line to a House

How to install a water line to a house. Getting water to a house can be an easy task. You just need a few items that can be bought at any hardware store.

Step 1

First of all you need to find where you water source is. If your water is provided by a public resources "city water", a valve will be located near the street. Usually it will have a cover over it that will be marked. If you have water from a private source such as a well or holding tank, normally it will also have a cut off valve.

Step 2

After finding the water source, you will want to look to see what kind of connection you need. Most of the time when connecting to the water source you will need a threading fitting. These can be bought at any of your local hardware stores.

Step 3

Most of the time the water line is permanent so you will want to dig a ditch from the water source to where the water will hook in to supply your home. Living in colder climates you will need to dig your ditch deeper than in warmer climates. This is so that it will not freeze in the winter. Burying the pipe protects it from the weather and allows you to landscape your yard

Step 4

PVC is generally easy to work with. You will need to measure the length of pipe you need to go from the water source to where the water enters your home.

Step 5

Now all you have to do is cut the PVC pipe to go from the water source to the home. Using couplings or PVC connectors where needed for longer distances. Don't forget to glue it all together. Add glue to the outer edge of the pipe and the inside edge of the couplings, when connecting lengths of pipe together

Step 6

now just check for leaks before covering up the ditch.