There are times when everyone forgets or loses things, such as the keys to your locker. But if you lose those keys, and you need to get into the locker in a hurry, it is useful to know how to open the locker without the key. This article will show you how to do this.

Step 1

Find something to use as the pick. It should be narrow with a flat bit at the end. A nail file might work. You will also need a thin piece of wire to serve as a lever. It has to be thin enough to fit inside the keyhole, but strong enough to not to bend when slightly stressed.

Step 2

Insert the wire into the lock, placing it as near the bottom as possible, while leaving a space between it and the tumbler pins.

Step 3

Now move the wire to the side as though trying to force the tumbler to turn. Maintain this pressure.

Step 4

While still applying pressure with the wire, insert the lock pick and slowly start lifting the tumbler pins up. The pins should vary slightly in how tightly they are stuck in place by the pressure of the wire lever. Lift the tightest one first, until it clicks into place. Then lift the next tightest, and so on.

Step 5

Once you lift the last pin into place, the pressure of the wire should cause the tumbler to turn, and the lock will open.