Some materials, such as nylon, rubber, fiberglass and metal are difficult to bond, especially if they have a smooth surface and need to be adhered to another material that does not bond well. To do the job, you need a specially formulated Polypropylene/polyethylene adhesive specifically designed to work with hard-to-bond materials. With a proper prep job, even application and a long enough curing time, these adhesives have the special ability to unite even the most difficult materials to bond.

Use the right adhesive to get the job done right.

Step 1

Sandpaper the surface with a 120-grit sheet of sandpaper if the surface is smooth. If not, proceed to Step 2. Clean dirt, sanding particles and debris from the surface.

Step 2

Load the adhesive cartridge into the dispensing gun and remove the cap.

Step 3

Dispense adhesive by applying equal pressure until a uniform color and consistency is achieved.

Step 4

Attach materials within three minutes.

Step 5

Allow at least 48 hours to cure. Curing time decreases with increased ambient temperature.