How to Fix Scratches in Porcelain Tile

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Things You'll Need

  • Magic Eraser or buffing material

  • Caulk

  • Tile sealant

  • Porcelain filler


Keep sand and other abrasive materials off the tile to prevent future scratching. Do not slide furniture across the floor without lifting it off the ground.

Ceramic tile is quickly becoming a popular material for flooring and counter tops. It is strong, durable and fairly scratch-resistant. Scratches or chips in ceramic tile are generally a cosmetic issue and don't usually contribute to a dangerous environment. Ceramic tile is often white and covered by a colored glaze. Deep cuts will expose this white color, which can be unsightly. There are a few tips to restoring tile, but sometimes replacement is the best option.

Step 1

Remove tiles that have scratches in the grout and have been exposed to water. This can create an environment conducive to mold growth.

Step 2

Clean the tile to remove any dust or dirt. Buff out superficial scratch marks with a tool like the Magic Eraser. You may also try toothpaste or a metal polisher to remove the mark.

Step 3

Fill deeper scratches with a porcelain filler. Do this only if you can find a close color match. Buff the filler to restore shine and blend it with the rest of the tile.

Step 4

Replace tiles with severe scratches. These are beyond repair and should be removed. Replace them with extra tiles that you have from the original installation or buy as similar tile as you can find.

Step 5

Replace damaged or scratched grout or caulk. Seal the entire surface to finish the repair and prevent future damage.


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