How to Make a Quilt or Rug Out of Socks

Old, mismatched socks can make a great simple rug or quilt that works well for a homespun look, or for a dog blanket. To make the rug or quilt, you'll need long, flat, tube-style socks that are about the same size. The colors and styles don't have to match. Large men's socks are the easiest to use. You can sew the sock rug or quilt by machine or by hand.

Make a Rug Out of Socks

Step 1

Lay out one sock with the toe end to the right.

Step 2

Place the next sock above it with the toe end to the left.

Step 3

Overlap the edges of the socks slightly and pin them together.

Step 4

Stitch the socks together along the long edge.

Step 5

Continue adding socks, alternating toe sides, until the row is the size you want. To make the rug larger, make a second row of socks the same size. Overlap the two rows slightly and pin and stitch them together.

Make a Quilt Out of Socks

Step 6

Flatten each sock so that the seam at the toe lies flat and the rest of the sock is smooth.

Step 7

Cut each sock along one side and across the end of the toe. Open up each sock and spread it flat.

Step 8

Place two of the socks right sides together, with the toes facing opposite directions. Pin them together, then sew them together along one long edge, using 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Step 9

Spread open the socks and place another sock right sides together with the first, alternating toe directions and lining them up along the long edge.

Step 10

Continue pinning and sewing socks together until the row is as long as you want. To make the quilt wider, make a second row of socks the same size. Place the two rows right sides together and stitch them together. Continue adding socks rows until the quilt is the size you want.

Step 11

Leave the socks as they are for a simple blanket, or adding a backing, batting and binding to make a true quilt.