Ideas & Tips for Super Glaze Epoxy

Super Glaze is an epoxy coating created by Parks Corporation. It offers a one-coat finish that appears the same as 60 coats of a regular glaze finish. Super Glaze epoxy is often applied to wood surfaces or counter-tops in homes as a protective barrier. When it comes to applying Super Glaze, there are a few tips and tricks to complete the project without any difficulties.

Apply Super Glaze epoxy to create a shiny surface instantly.

Before Use

Check the temperature of the Super Glaze to ensure it is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit before using. Mix the Super Glaze with a paint stick slowly to ensure a proper mixing of chemicals without creating air bubbles in the liquid, which can result in an inconsistent finish. Lightly sand polyurethane or acrylic finishes with 220-grit sandpaper and wipe them with rubbing alcohol before applying Super Glaze to ensure proper adhesion.

Pour and Spread

Pour the Super Glaze in one central location over the surface. Smooth the Super Glaze in a consistent direction over the surface using a rubber squeegee or plastic spreader. Leave a thickness of 1/16 inch over the entire surface. Allow the Super Glaze to dry for four to five hours before applying a second coating, or 24 hours before placing any item on top.

Care Tips

Wax or polish the surface periodically to restore luster and hide blemishes in the Super Glaze surface. Never clean the surface with bleach or harmful chemicals. Lightly sand and apply a fresh coat of Super Glaze to a surface containing deep scratches, burns or pits.

Cure Times

Do not place any items over the Super Glaze for at least 72 hours, as this is how long it takes for the Super Glaze to fully cure. After eight hours, the surface will be dry to the touch and can be wiped clean gently with water if necessary. Suspend a fabric or plastic cover 4 to 5 inches over the entire surface to protect the surface from any dirt or dust particles during the curing process. Heating the Super Glaze during the curing process will increase the curing time, so avoid applying heat if possible.