How To Make Fish Net Rope Decor

Fish net decor is fun, original and economical. Hang it on the walls, use it as a canopy for a fisherman's bed or decorate it with shells and floats. Droop it over the tablecloth for your seafood dinner. Or hang it in loops from one corner of the ceiling to another like a hammock, and then fill it with beach balls or artificial shellfish.

Shells and floats on fish net
The real thing

You can buy used fish net online and at stores, very inexpensively. The size is usually 4 feet by 14 feet. Soak it in soap and water, and air it out to eliminate any leftover fishy smell. You can also buy new fish net, or decorator fish net, which is available in different colors and sizes. If you want an authentic, seaworthy look, stay with the natural tan fish net.


Gather collections to be "caught" in your net. Oversize starfish and shells, fisherman floats and other nautical ornaments work well. Better yet, collect your own seashells, starfish and sea urchins from beaches. Pieces of driftwood, items salvaged from old ships and coral look decorative in a fish net. Sea glass will attract light and shimmer and sparkle when caught in your net.

Step 3

Hang your fish net with decorative hooks on a blank wall. You'll want to catch the net up on hooks at the corners, but also in a few places between the corners. Don't pull it straight and flat against the wall, and don't make even regular scallops--it will be much more interesting if it makes short dips and then long ones at irregular intervals.

Metal fish from Target to swim on your wall.

Hang fish wall art behind your net, as if fish are swimming into or through it. Paint the wall blue, and add a few bubbles.

Step 5

Put your bigger items into the downward swoops of the net. Pieces of driftwood, an old anchor or anything else you have that is related to the sea will look fascinating inside your fish net.

Step 6

Fill in the fish net with the smaller items you have collected. Hang items such as fishing lures from the netting rope. If you are using sea glass chips, scatter those in, too. Add or subtract things from your net, and redecorate for different seasons and events.

Step 7

Use the net as a party decoration. Hang photos from the net showing family and/or guests at fun moments to create a party atmosphere.