Fake flowers made from organza or silk can become slightly wilted over time. When you want to create floral arrangements using fake flowers, stiffen them with a special spray designed for this purpose. Even without a stiffening spray, you can stiffen fake flowers using common household ingredients, transforming them into flowers suitable for any arrangement.

Make fake flowers stiff again for floral arrangements.

Step 1

Hold the fake flower upside down by the stem.

Step 2

Spray the stiffening spray, extra-hold hairspray or the spray starch over the underside of the silk petals to saturate them evenly.

Step 3

Arrange the petals while they are still wet.

Step 4

Turn the blow-dryer to low and direct warm air onto the fake flower to dry the fabric gently.

Step 5

Store the stiffened fake flowers in a vase until you are ready to use them in your floral project.