How to Identify Fiesta Backstamps

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The Homer Laughlin China Company of West Virginia manufactures Fiestaware, with Frederick Hurten Rhead designing the first set of Fiestaware in 1936. This line of china features a wide variety of pieces and bold colors. It is one of the most collected forms of china in the entire world. says HL the official website for Fiestaware.


Step 1

Examine the backstamp. An ink backstamp is usually an indication that the piece is new and an imprinted backstamp an indication it is old.

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Step 2

Stare carefully at the "F" in the "Fiesta" stamp. If the "F" is lowercase and connected to all the other letters in the word, the piece is most likely vintage. If there is a loop in the "F," it most likely was made after 1986. If the "F" is uppercase and angular, it's a piece of current Fiestaware.

Step 3

Turn the piece over. Look at the Fiesta imprint or ink stamp. If all the letters are in lowercase, the piece of dinnerware is most likely vintage.


Step 4

Look at the logo. If the letters of "Fiesta" are uppercase, the item is likely new. If you see words like "genuine" or "lead free," you can be almost sure you are looking at a new item.

Step 5

Take a final look. If you see the word "Fiesta" in circular patterned backstamp with "HLC USA," the piece is most likely old.