Corrugated tin as a craft material is sturdy, affordable and provides an industrial look to your indoor or outdoor decor. Purchase the corrugated tin new, if desired, or recycle pieces found on old buildings or leftover from a recent renovation. Recycling or upcycling unwanted corrugated tin keeps bulky metal out of landfills. Always wear sturdy gloves to prevent cuts when producing corrugated tin crafts because tin has sharp edges. Other materials for corrugated tin craft may include tin snips, glue, pliers, vice grips and sanding tools.

Recycle sheet metal to make craft projects with corrugated tin.

Punched Tin Crafts

Punched tin is a craft style applicable to many types of tin, including corrugated tin. Draw a design or simple picture on a piece of corrugated tin, and punch holes in the tin with a hammer and nail or awl. Use this craft style on a large scale with a sheet of corrugated tin. Put several sheets of corrugated tin together to create a large privacy fence or screen. Cut pieces of corrugated tin to create a small-scale punched tin craft to display in a frame. Another option is to punch and bend corrugated tin into a cylinder and install light hardware to create a rustic lantern for indoor or outdoor use.

Garden Sculptures

Soft features of a landscape, such as plants and water, need balance from hardscaping elements. One type of hard element to employ is a garden sculpture. Corrugated tin lends an industrial feel to garden sculptures, whether used in a silver or rusted finish. Bend the tin into various-sized cylinders to create a can man sculpture held together with wire. Use tin snips to cut the corrugated tin into various shapes for use as a sculpture. For example, corrugated tin works well as wings for a bird sculpture or a shell for a turtle sculpture, or use the tin pieces for abstract art.

Painted Tin Crafts

Indoor and outdoor design benefits from paint crafts, which may include portraits, landscapes and abstract paintings. Although canvas and paper may be the traditional painting surface, you can also paint a masterpiece on corrugated tin. The corrugation of the tin adds visual interest to a painting in the form of balanced waves across the surface. You may choose to paint and frame a small piece of corrugated tin to display in your house. If large-scale painting is more your style, create a privacy fence with corrugated tin and paint a landscape or other mural on the fence. The metal fence breaks up the monotony of wooden fences commonly found in landscapes. Acrylic enamel paint, such as automotive paint, is suited for metal surfaces.

Furniture Crafts

Use corrugated tin to bring new life to an old, boring piece of furniture. Glue a sheet of corrugated tin to a piece of plywood to create a modern headboard for your bed; employ other techniques such as painting or punching, if desired. Cover the base portion of a bar or island with corrugated tin. Distressed tin finds a new home in a primitive- or country-themed kitchen. Cover the old cabinets with corrugated tin, and frame them with 1-by-4-inch boards. Bend corrugated tin into cylinders to make your own metal lampshades, or add galvanized corrugated tin to your ceiling or shower walls.