Problems With a Whirlpool Duet Washer

Many homeowners choose Whirlpool Duet washers for their home because these washing machines are available with a wide range of features designed to make washing the laundry easier. Some models are equipped with steam features that help prevent wrinkles in clothing while others employ a high-efficiency fabric care system that helps protect and clean fabrics more efficiently. Despite the convenience of Whirlpool Duet washers, however, problems may arise with the appliances from time to time. The good news for homeowners is that many of the most common issues that occur can easily be solved without the assistance of a service technician.

Using the wrong detergent with a Whirlpool Duet washer may cause suds to leak from the back of the appliance.

Insufficient Water

A Whirlpool Duet washer may experience issues if it does not receive an adequate supply of water. In some cases, you may notice that your washer does not receive any water at all. If you observe an insufficient water supply in your Duet washer or your washer's display shows an error code that indicates a water inlet problem, ensure that both the hot and cold faucets connected to the machine are turned on. Examine the water inlet hoses for any clogs or kinks that might prevent water from entering the washer. In addition, the water inlet hose may freeze during winter months in areas where the temperature dips below freezing. A frozen inlet hose will prevent an adequate water supply from reaching your Whirlpool Duet washer as well.

Drain Problem

Some Whirlpool Duet washers may experience drain problems that prevent the washer from draining and leave the clothes inside sopping wet. In most cases, a drain problem in a Duet washer is related to the drain hose itself. Examine the hose for clogs or kinks that may prevent water from flowing through it freely. Like inlet hoses, the drain hose may also freeze in colder climates, leaving it unable to properly drain the washer.

Excessive Noise or Vibration

You may notice that your Whirlpool Duet washer is extremely noisy or vibrating excessively during operation. The machine must be on level ground with all four of its feet placed properly and tightened according to the specifications in the user guide. If it is on uneven ground, the washer will typically vibrate and generate excessive noise. In addition, check that the floor that you have installed your washer on is solid. To reduce the noise and vibration that occur when your washer is in operation, you may also place a piece of 3/4-inch plywood beneath it. Some Duet washer models also come with four shipping bolts at the back of the machine to protect it during transport. Ensure that these bolts have been removed and are not rattling during operation.


On occasion, Whirlpool Duet washers may experience leaks. Inspect the inlet and drain hoses to ensure that they are properly installed according to the manufacturer's instructions. The washer may also leak if the sink or drain that it is connected to is clogged. You should also check your home's entire plumbing setup, particularly water pipes and faucets, to determine if there is a leak somewhere else that might be causing an issue for the washer. In addition, some Duet washer models require the use of High Efficiency (HE) detergent. If a non-HE detergent is used, the washer may create too many suds which can leak out the back of the washer. Review your user's guide to see if there is a particular type of detergent that you should use in your washer to prevent leaks.