What Are the Specs for Kenmore Washer 110?

The Kenmore 110 series is manufactured for and sold exclusively through Sears. Numerous models of these top-loading washing machines are available; the serial number for each begins with 110. All models of 110 washing machines are equipped with an identical manual and installation guide. Specifications for washers of the 110 series describe dimensions, connectivity and water requirements of the units.

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How They Measure Up

Kenmore 110 series washers are 27 inches deep, 27.5 inches wide and 42 inches tall at the highest point of arched control panel. The doors of the machines open upward and must be given 17 inches of top clearance to function properly. When fully loaded with laundry and water, 110 washers weigh approximately 315 pounds. When installed in a confined space, the machine must be given 5 inches of back clearance, 1 inch of side clearance on both the left and right and 1 inch of front clearance. This space, which needs to be properly ventilated, is required to accommodate potential motion of the machine when in use.

Connection Numbers

Residential washers of the Kenmore 110 series hooked up to a standpipe require a connection capable of draining 17 gallons of water per minute through a tube 2 inches in diameter. The standpipe must be installed at least 39 inches but no more than 96 inches from the bottom of the washer. These specifications hold true for a washer connected to a wall pipe drainage system. Washers installed to drain through the floor require a siphon break kit. Those connected to a tub for draining require the tub to have a minimum capacity of 20 gallons. Height requirements for the lip of the tub are the same as those required of standpipes.

Water Requirements

Hot and cold water faucets feeding a Kenmore 110 residential washer must be located no more than 3 feet from the hot and cold water inlets on the machine. Water pressure coming from these faucets must be between 20 and 100 pounds per square inch to effectively fill the washer in the time required. Hot water feeding the washer should have a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit for the unit to effectively complete standard wash cycles.