How to Fix a Jammed Ice Maker on a Samsung

Having an ice maker in your refrigerator is very convenient, at least when that ice maker is working. Unfortunately, ice makers are prone to a number of problems, so it pays to have some basic troubleshooting skills. Ice makers can become jammed, and that prevents new ice cubes from forming. Get the ice flowing again with a few simple steps.

Check the output of your ice maker regularly.

Step 1

Open the ice maker on your Samsung refrigerator and locate the raker bar at the top of the unit. The raker bar moves through the ice cubes and pushes them into the dispenser.

Step 2

Remove any frozen or jammed ice around the raker bar. Ice around the raker bar is a common cause of a jammed or malfunctioning ice maker. Remove the jammed ice with your hands if possible. If the ice is stuck too badly, you can use an ice pick to carefully chip away at the ice until it is loosened enough to be removed.

Step 3

Unplug the ice maker if the ice is still jammed. There could be ice cubes jammed inside the interior of the ice maker. Unplugging the ice maker allows that ice to melt, freeing the unit to work as intended when you plug it back in. The icemaker has a separate control, so you can turn it off without disconnecting the entire refrigerator.