Common Problems With Frigidaire Side by Side Refrigerators

The Electrolux-owned Frigidaire brand held nearly 12 percent of the consumer market for refrigerators, according to the U.S. Census Bureau's Annual Survey of Manufacturers reported in 2001. Frigidaire's line of side by side refrigerators vary in size, color and features like ice makers and water lines. Though a 2010 Better Business Bureau assessment rated Electrolux an "A plus," Frigidaire's side by side refrigerators present common problems including noise concerns and temperature control.



Most noises are normal, but some could occasionally indicate a concern. Though the sound of dripping water inside rarely indicates the freezer is rotating through a regular defrosting cycle, a dripping sound outside or near the back of the refrigerator could be a crack in the tube or line that brings water from your main valve to the refrigerator's water dispenser. A loud humming or buzzing sound occurs when the compressor is activated; usually the sound should only last a few minutes. However, a continuous, loud humming may indicate a problem with the compressor that requires repair. If your Frigidaire model has an ice maker, you will hear cracking sounds when ice is dispensed. Though this is a possible nuisance, it indicates no problem.

Temperature Controls

One of the most common problems with Frigidaire refrigerators is temperature control. After installing, the refrigerator needs 24 hours to regulate cooling. During this regulating period, homeowners should perhaps store food in another location to avoid spoilage. If refrigerated food is freezing solid or building a layer of frost, it is likely that your temperature controls are improperly set. You will obviously not need a repairman to make that adjustment. Side by side refrigerators are particularly prone to door problems; the force of one side closing sometimes pops the other door slightly ajar, which can increase the temperature inside the refrigerator and the likelihood of spoilage.

Ice Maker

Many Frigidaire side by side models include an ice maker and dispenser. The first few batches of ice may have a plastic taste due to the newness of the tubing, though the taste should fade. If the ice dispenser is not used regularly, the cubes may stick together and therefore not properly release from the bucket. A low temperature in the freezer also causes the cubes to stick together. An improper connection with the main water valve in the house may lead to an underproduction of ice cubes.

Water Line

If your Frigidaire is equipped with a built-in water dispenser, you may experience challenges in flow or taste. An improper connection or closed main valve prevents water from dispensing. If your side by side doors have a tendency to pop open, you will experience interruptions in your water flow until the freezer door is secured. The same plastic or metallic taste that plagues the ice maker may also be evident in your water; be sure to use properly installed copper tubing to avoid unpleasant tastes.