How to Reset a Kenmore Ice Maker

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When replacing a Kenmore ice maker in the refrigerator, it might become necessary to reset the device to work properly with your refrigerator. Resetting the ice maker will send a message to the PC board in the unit, allowing it to be recognized by the Kenmore refrigerator. This is a fairly simple process you can accomplish in a matter of minutes without having to contact a repairman to perform the job or spending any money on repairs.

Step 1

Locate the cover plate on the front of the Kenmore ice maker, and pull the plate off the front of the ice maker by hand.

Step 2

Locate the on/off switch for the ice maker on the front of the PC board, and turn the switch to the "Off" position.

Step 3

Unplug the refrigerator from the electrical outlet for five minutes.

Step 4

Plug the refrigerator back into the electrical outlet, and turn the PC switch on the ice maker to the "On" position.

Step 5

Put the cover plate back on the front of the ice maker, snapping it back in place and close the door of the freezer, letting it sit for four minutes.

Step 6

Allow time for the ice maker to go through a cycle and verify that the unit is working properly.

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