LG Electronics -- the Life's Good company -- makes mobile and computer products, TVs and appliances for the home. It offers three models of refrigerators that contain an icemaker and water dispenser -- the French door model with side-by-side refrigerator compartments and a freezer drawer beneath, a side-by-side refrigerator and freezer as well as a door-in-door model. From time to time, you might find the need to reset the icemaker.

Issues that may require you to reset the icemaker include:

  • a tripped circuit breaker
  • a power outage or brownouts
  • after cleaning or fixing issues
  • or after installing a new filter.

After cleaning the icemaker, changing the filter or restoring power to the unit, the icemaker may require a complete reset. The icemaker has a separate power button that must be turned on for it to work and a small test button that rotates the icemaker tray into the correct position to make ice.

Reset the IceMaker

To reset the icemaker in all LG refrigerator models, locate this accessory inside the left door.

Step 1

Open the main door and the secondary door that covers the icemaker. If you only have a plastic cover over the icemaker, lift it up and off.

Step 2

Lift out the icemaker bin and set it aside to expose the motorized icemaker.

Step 3

Flip the icemaker's power button to ensure it is the On position. The On position is identified by a horizontal slash, while the Off position has an "O." Press the button with the horizontal slash to the On position.

Step 4

Locate the small test or reset button on the left or right bottom side of the icemaker, depending on the model you have. Depress the button for about five seconds or until the icemaker begins to move. This runs the icemaker through a series of tests and also resets it into position.

Step 5

Once the icemaker stops moving, replace the ice bin and close the door that covers it or replace the top cover, depending on your configuration.

When the dispenser fails to disperse ice or water, verify that the control lock is off. Press the Lock-Control button on the dispenser for at least three seconds to unlock it before testing the dispenser again.