How to Fix a GE Icemaker That Stopped Making Ice Cubes

General Electric manufactures a range of refrigerators that incorporate an ice maker and dispenser into the design. Following troubleshooting tips is the best way of fixing your ice maker without tools or expertise. You can save yourself time and money following this approach by preventing costly technician call-outs. Many of the most common problems can be solved by checking the water supply and refrigerator control panel. The location of particular parts will vary depending on your exact model of refrigerator.

Fix your GE ice maker by following some company-approved steps.

Step 1

Press and hold the "Ice Off/Lock" button for 3 seconds if the ice maker is switched off or locked. The button powers down your ice maker if you are going on holiday or away from the house for a few days. Pressing and holding it a second time re-activates the power and starts ice cube production.

Step 2

Check the sensor above the ice cube bin is above to move up and down. Ice production is stopped when the ice cubes in the bin raise the sensor wire. This feature stops the icemaker from overflowing its bin. Ensure no ice cubes or foreign objects are restricting the motion of the sensor.

Step 3

Move the refrigerator away from the wall and check the water supply pipe is straight. Tight bends in the piping will prevent water from getting to the ice maker and stop ice production. Verify the water shut-off valve is open while you are behind the refrigerator -- you may have switched off the water to the refrigerator during a service.

Step 4

Replace the water filter -- it could be blocked with debris from the water supply pipes. Newer General Electric refrigerators come with a color-coded display to inform you of the water filter status, while older models expect you to remember to replace the filter every few months. The water filter is sometimes located inside the refrigerator compartment, though its precise location may vary.

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