How to Troubleshoot No Hot Water From a Bottled Water Dispenser

Bottled water dispensers offer filtered water that comes from a large bottle of prefiltered water set on top of a dispensing unit that has cold and hot water taps. Users then access the taps to receive either hot or cold water from the machine. Various companies offer bottled water dispensing for use in homes and businesses, and the dispenser should operate well with standard care and maintenance. If problems occur with the unit, such as if hot water will not dispense from the unit, some troubleshooting may help resolve the problem.

Clean the hot water tap of any debris that may obstruct water flow if there is no hot water.

Step 1

Ensure the water dispenser is firmly connected to a power outlet. Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker if necessary.

Step 2

Replace the water bottle with a new bottle if the bottle is empty or its water level is low. Lift off the old bottle and open the cap on a new bottle before inverting the new water bottle over the top of the dispenser. Move quickly when settling the new bottle on the dispenser to minimize spilling or leaking.

Step 3

Turn the power switches for the hot and cold water on the back of the dispenser to "Off" and wait five minutes. Turn the switches back to "On" and wait 30 minutes before attempting to dispense hot water.

Step 4

Wait several minutes if the water dispenser was recently connected to power before dispensing hot water. This allows time for the heater to operate.

Step 5

Contact the water dispenser distributor or manufacturer for assistance if the hot water continues to malfunction.