Refrigerator Water Dispenser is Slow

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Change the filter on the water dispenser regularly to prevent a slow dispenser.
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A refrigerator water dispenser system slows down primarily when there is an issue with water pressure. Various factors can influence the amount of water pressure the refrigerator's water system receives. Troubleshooting which of these factors may influence the low pressure can help you quicken the water dispenser's flow.


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Water Line Problems

The water dispenser may slow if the line is connected incorrectly or damaged. Check the lines for damage or kinked tubing and tighten the connections. Open the valve completely to ensure the line is getting plenty of water. Use a water line with plenty of water pressure; some manufacturers recommend using a line with a minimum of 40 psi, since low pressure may slow down the flow to the water dispenser.


Reverse Osmosis

Some reverse osmosis systems may reduce the water pressure to less than 21 psi. Water pressure this low reduces the water flow significantly so that the water dispenser flows slowly. Even if the psi on the reverse osmosis system is higher, the sediment filter may become blocked, which can also reduce water pressure. When dispensing large amounts of water it may take some time for the storage tank on the reverse osmosis system to refill, and that may also reduce water pressure for some time.


Filter Issues

A clogged filter can reduce water pressure to the dispenser. While most refrigerator manufacturers suggest that the filter does not require replacement until about every six months, if sediment and other particles clog the filter, it may require replacement sooner. If you have a good water supply and don't need a filter, install a filter bypass part to save the expense and hassle of changing filters.


Other Suggestions and Warnings

A licensed, qualified plumber can address your water pressure problems and install an adequate system to increase the water flow in some cases. Install the water filter type as instructed in the owner's manual to ensure the water dispenser works properly. Flush the water system after installing a new filter by dispensing water to open the lines and flush sediment out of the system.