How to Adjust the Water Dispenser of an LG Refrigerator

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You need to replace your water dispenser filter regularly.
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If you're experiencing problems with your LG refrigerator water dispenser being slow to operate or find that the water pressure is too high, you can troubleshoot the water supply and dispenser in several ways. Newly installed or adjusted refrigerators may have a kinked water supply line, or the water supply valve may be partially open. If you haven't made any recent changes to your refrigerator — such as pushing it closer to the wall or turning off the water supply for any reason — and the dispenser's water output or pressure suddenly decreases, the water filter likely needs changing.


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Check the Water Supply Line

First, carefully slide the refrigerator away from the wall to check the water supply line for kinks. A fold in the water hose typically results in delayed or slow dispensing, and sometimes no water can pass through at all. Inspect the water supply line along its entire length, looking for any creases that indicate a kink. Straighten the hose and test the water dispenser again.

While you're inspecting the water supply line, take a moment to verify that the water spigot is turned on all the way. If the valve is only allowing a small amount of water through, the water may dispense slowly or with poor water pressure. On the other hand, if you feel like your LG refrigerator water pressure is too high, try partially closing the valve.


Purge Air from Waterline

In newly installed refrigerators, air may remain in the waterline. This is a common culprit for LG refrigerator water delay, as it can take up to two minutes of continuously pressing the water dispenser to purge air from the waterline.

Make sure the dispenser lock is off (press and hold the lock symbol until the light turns off) and that the light is on for the water dispenser option. Then press a cup against the dispenser for at least two minutes until water begins to flow.


Verify the Filter Isn't Blocked

Sometimes a clog in the refrigerator's water filter can cause water to dispense slowly. However, LG refrigerators won't dispense water at all without a filter, so you'll need to place a part called a "water filter bypass plug" in the water filter compartment after removing the filter. If this part didn't come with your LG refrigerator, you can order one.

If the water flows well with the filter bypass installed, you can assume that the filter was clogged. Solve the problem by ordering and installing a new filter. The LG owner's manual recommends changing the filter every six months, and some models will have a water filter indicator light on the control panel that reminds you to do this. Remember to reset this indicator after replacing the filter by pressing and holding the water filter button for about three seconds.


LG Refrigerator Water Delay Continues

If you check the supply line, water valve and filter and still encounter problems with slow or delayed water output, an electrical error may exist. Call an appliance repair technician for additional troubleshooting support.



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