Error Code E35 on a Frigidaire Front Load Washer

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Newer models of Frigidaire front load washers come with a selection of error messages or fault codes not normally found on their older versions. The "E35" error occurs while your washer is just starting a cycle and requires a series of tests to figure out the problem. The fix could be a simple solution or require new parts and service on your washer.


Look for the "E35" error to flash on the washer LCD screen. Your washer may emit beeps to signal the error. Press the "Stop" button on your washer to end the beeps. The "E35" error means that the water in your washer has overfilled and was signaled by the water pressure switch.


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Water Measure

Look inside the washer and view the water level. If the water level is above 4 1/2 inches, the error lies with a water problem. If the water is low or at a normal level, the error is with the pressure sensor. Replace your pressure sensor to eliminate the error. Find the direct serial number to your Frigidaire washer to get the correct replacement part.


Water Entry

Without opening the door hatch, look at the water entry through the door. If the water continues to pour in, unplug the washer. While unplugged, the water should stop. If it doesn't, replace the water valve assembly on the washer. If it does stop, replace the whole control board on the Frigidaire washer because it's not properly communicating with the valve or washer controls.



Once the water drains from the washer, open it up and look for any damaged wiring. The wiring from the control board to the water valve could be damaged or broken. If so, hire a serviceperson to replace the wiring and get the washer operating again.



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