How to Troubleshoot Bosch Refrigerators

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It is pretty easy to trouble shoot your refrigerator problems.
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A Bosch refrigerator service manual contains a wealth of information for consumers. In 1933, when Bosch introduced its first refrigerator, it featured a revolutionary state-of-the-art design with its rounded drum shape. And modern Bosch refrigerators continue the company's longstanding commitment to excellence. But even these well-made appliances may experience a little operational glitch from time to time.

The company encourages its fridge owners to go through a few troubleshooting steps listed in their Bosch refrigerator service manual before calling customer service. But if consumers cannot resolve the issue with their refrigerator, they always have the backup plan of contacting the company for help.

Bosch Refrigerator Not Cooling

You may need to reset your fridge by switching it off for five minutes. If the temperature has been too warm, check the temperature again two hours after turning it back on after the five-minute shutoff period. If the temperature has been too cold, wait 24 hours before rechecking it.

A common source of a refrigerator's cooling problem is a dirty condenser coil. As refrigerant flows through the condenser coil, the coil dissipates heat. But if this coil is dirty, it's unable to get rid of this excess heat effectively; as a result, the refrigerator must work harder to keep the contents cool.

Clean the condenser coil by unplugging your refrigerator or turning off the circuit breaker that delivers electricity to your fridge. Remove the grille cover plate (also called a kick plate) for the condenser coil, which typically is at the bottom of your refrigerator; check your user manual for your model's location. Using the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner, remove all the dust, pet hair or other debris that may be lodged around the coil. Replace the cover plate and don't forget to restore power to your refrigerator.

Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working

Check first to make sure the water supply connection is working, the water pressure is at least 20 psi and the water supply line is not kinked. You may need a plumber or refrigerator technician to check these for you.

The water filter may be clogged by debris or by the accumulation of minerals that are present in certain municipal water sources or well water. Bosch water filters should be replaced every six months or when the "change filter" button on the control panel lights up. As a heads-up, when you do replace the water filter, discard all the ice cubes that are produced in the first 24 hours or let the water dispenser run for five minutes and discard that water.

Ice Maker Not Working

A clogged water filter may also be the reason that the ice maker doesn't work, so if you haven't replaced it in six months (or if the "change filter" control panel light indicates that it's time to do this), replace it with a new filter.

If the freezer is not cold enough, the ice maker will not produce ice or it will have decreased production. Ideally, the freezer temperature should be set at 0 degrees F. When this temperature eases up to only 10 degrees, the ice maker's efficiency is decreased.

Bosch Refrigerator Service Manual Troubleshooting

After following the Bosch refrigerator service manual troubleshooting tips for your particular model, contact Bosch customer service at 1-800-944-2904 if you've been unable to resolve the problem. Have the product number (E-Nr.) and production number (FD) handy to help the customer service representative find a solution. You can find these numbers on your fridge's rating plate, which typically is located on the upper right side wall of the refrigerator compartment or above the top freezer drawer on the right side wall.


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