How to Get Your Pay Stub From Kroger

The grocery store chain Kroger pays its employees via an electronic direct deposit system. Instead of receiving a paper check that you then have to cash or take to your bank for deposit, the money for each pay period is deposited directly into your bank account. If you want to have a copy of your pay stub (which contains information about the amount you were paid, how long you worked and the amount of taxes that were taken out), you can obtain it online.

Step 1

Open your Web browser and visit the SecureWEB login page for Kroger's online payroll system.

Step 2

Type your user ID and password into the boxes. This information was assigned to you when you were originally hired at Kroger. This is the same information you use to clock in and out at work, as well as for other Kroger-related computer activities. If you have lost this information, speak with your manager or supervisor.

Step 3

Click "I Agree" to log into your personal payroll site. Click on the listing for the pay stub you want to view. The payment information for that week, along with the pay stub, will appear in your browser.

Stephen Lilley

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