How Do I Find the Date of Manufacture For a Rainbow Vacuum System?

Rexair LLC, the company that makes Rainbow vacuum systems, produces a number of very similar machines. It can be difficult to determine what to buy if you need replacement parts. However, if you can can provide your repair shop or parts provider with your machine's date of manufacture and serial number, most service shops will be able to identify the correct replacement parts for your Rainbow vacuum system.

Step 1

Locate the three-digit code just under the product's serial number. It is below the spot where the electrical cord comes out of the product.

Step 2

Determine the quarter of the year the machine was manufactured by identifying the first number of the three-digit code. A "1" indicates the machine was made in the first quarter of the year.

Step 3

Identify the last two numbers of the three-digit code to determine the year of manufacture. For example, if the last two digits are 99, the year of manufacture was 1999.