How to Replace a Belt on a Toro Snowblower

The time to find out you need to replace a belt on your snowblower is not in the middle of the winter during a heavy snowfall. If you've got a socket wrench and a couple of replacement belts, you are more than ready to change your own Toro snowblower belts.

Step 1

Remove the 2 bolts from the plastic belt covering with a socket wrench, then remove 4 bolts from the bottom covering. Remove both the plastic and bottom belt covering and set them aside.

Step 2

Engage the auger belt lever. This will release the brake and allow you to remove the auger belt. The drive belt will be pulled tight by a spring-operated pully that is applying force. Disengage the spring-operated pully to release the drive belt.

Step 3

Remove the drive belt, starting first by removing the belt from the carburetor side and carefully pull on the starter rope. This helps turn the pulley and push off the drive belt.

Step 4

Engage the auger belt lever once again to release the brake. Guide the auger belt into position.

Step 5

Replace the plastic and bottom coverings and the 6 bolts that were removed in Step 1.