How to Replace a Diaper Genie Refill

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Things You'll Need

  • Diaper Genie Disposal System

  • Diaper Genie refills

The Diaper Genie Disposal System provides parents and caregivers with a convenient method of trapping diaper odors and germs. With this disposal system, caregivers no longer have to take each dirty diaper outside or place them inside numerous trash bags to stop odors and germs. Instead, the device allows users to repeatedly place diapers into the disposer until it is full. The Diaper Genie has simple-to-use refills that can be purchased at a number of stores.

Step 1

Remove the lid from the Diaper Genie pail. Remove the tab that seals the plastic into the ring. This tab will peel all the way around the circular refill. Pull out about 18 inches of the plastic film through the center of the ring. Tie a knot at the end of the film.

Step 2

Set the refill in the opening of the pail. Push the knot through the center of the ring and down into the pail, past the clamp. Put the lid back on the Diaper Genie pail. Once it snaps, it is ready for the next use.

Step 3

Stop putting diapers into the Genie if there appears to be resistance. This indicates the bag is full. Push the center button and open the diaper pail. Allow the top half to rest on the floor.

Step 4

Pull extra film down to the cutter that is included in the pail system. Gently slide the film across the cutter and tie a knot in the roll of diapers. Dispose of the long strip of diapers. Tie a new knot in the bottom and begin filling it again.


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