Disadvantages of an Infrared Quartz Heater

An infrared quartz heater is effective for spot heating, or warming a relatively small area, but it is not designed to heat an entire room. There are also fire hazards associated with such heaters.

Infrared Electric Heater
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Infrared heater.

Spot Heating

Infrared heater
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Heater heats objects in front of it.

An infrared quartz heater directs infrared light waves to heat objects in front of it, rather than warming up the air around it. The heater cannot warm objects that are farther than about 15 feet away, according to Green-Energy-Efficient-Homes.com.


Contemporary dining room and kitchen
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Room may still be cold with heater on.

Even if an object is placed in front of the heater, only those parts directly facing the heater will become warm because the infrared light waves cannot reach areas facing away from them. As a result, a person facing the heater will find that his back will stay cold.

Fire Hazards

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Objects placed too close to the front of the heater can burn because the heat becomes concentrated on a small area. This can also happen if the heater tips over and points downward on flammable materials.