How to Remove Wrinkles From a Lamp Shade

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Old-fashioned lampshades are usually made of cloth.

Lampshades come in many different styles and materials, all of which can add charm and flair to your home. Unfortunately, a wrinkled lampshade can undermine the attractiveness of the lamp. The delicate design and construction of lampshades can make wrinkle removal appear challenging, but it is actually remarkably easy to do.


Step 1

Blow off any dust or dirt from the shades with compressed air.

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Step 2

Moving from top to bottom, gently smooth the material of the shade with a stiff brush to release wrinkles.

Step 3

Even out the pile of the shade if it is made of a material that shows brush strokes like velvet or velour. Brush out the entire shade in one direction for a uniform appearance.

Step 4

Fill a clothes steamer or iron with water. Plug in the steamer and turn it to a moderate steam setting.

Step 5

Hold the steamer so it is parallel to the lampshade and about 6 inches away.

Step 6

Turn on the steamer and let the steam spray onto the wrinkled area, working the lampshade with your fingers until you can't see the wrinkle anymore. Move the steamer away when you are handling the lampshade.

Step 7

Repeat until all of the wrinkles are gone. If necessary, turn up the heat setting on the steamer or iron to release tough wrinkles.



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