How to Clean a Black & Decker Digital Iron

Black & Decker's digital irons include a digital display rather than a rotary knob or switch. This enables you to easily see the iron's temperature settings, know when it is ready, and tell at a glance whether it's off or on. The digital irons also include Black & Decker's proprietary Auto Clean System, a steam cycle that cleans the iron from the inside out. You can also clean the outside of the iron. The manufacturer recommends you clean your digital iron once a month for optimum performance.

You can clean both the inside and outside of the Black & Decker Digital Iron.

Cleaning the Outside

Step 1

Verify that the iron is unplugged and completely cool.

Step 2

Dampen a soft cloth with water. Wipe down the iron plate and all external surfaces.

Step 3

Add a mild household detergent to the cloth. Wipe down the plate and surfaces of the iron.

Step 4

Plug the iron in, turn it to the steam setting, stand it up right, and wait for it to heat.

Step 5

Iron over an old cloth on the steam setting to clean out any detergent residue from the steam vents.

Cleaning the Inside

Step 6

With the iron unplugged, add water to the water tank, but only until it is barely visible, well below the "MAX" line.

Step 7

Plug in the iron. Set the temperature to setting "6," and stand the iron upright to heat. When the iron beeps and displays a "6," turn it off and unplug it.

Step 8

Hold the iron over a sink or drain, with the iron plate facing down.

Step 9

Push and hold the "AUTO CLEAN" button down. After a few seconds, hot steam and water will escape from the vents on the plate. Hold the button until all the water is out. Gently shake the iron a few centimeters to each side to empty the last drops of water.

Step 10

Release the "AUTO CLEAN" button. Stand the iron upright. Plug it in. Set the temperature setting to "4." Let the iron sit and heat for 2 minutes to dry out any remaining moisture.