Kenmore Convection Oven Instructions

Convection cooking ovens use an integrated fan that circulates the air in the oven around and through the oven, creating a more even cooking temperature that cooks food in less time than conventional cooking methods. The Kenmore brand produces convection ovens with a variety of options, including large-capacity ovens, self-cleaning modes and a child lock for additional safety. Using a Kenmore convection oven to cook or bake food is relatively simple and is similar to operating a traditional oven.


Step 1

Place the food in the oven. Press the "Conv Bake" button to set the convection bake time. The number "350" will appear on the display. If you want to cook at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, then press "Start." Press the number pads to enter the desired cooking temperature if that temperature is other than 350 degrees.

Step 2

Press "Start" to begin cooking. The convection fan will start to operate six minutes after the cooking cycle has begun.

Step 3

Press "Stop" to cancel or stop the cooking process at any time.

Step 4

Press "Conv Roast" to use convection cooking for roasting meat or vegetables. Press "Start" to begin cooking at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, or enter the desired cooking temperature with the number pads. Press "Start" to begin.

Step 5

Press "Conv Convert" to use the oven to automatically change a traditional cooking recipe to convection cooking. Enter in the normal cooking temperature as dictated in the cooking recipe, and then press "Conv Convert" for the oven to automatically alter the temperature to a convection cooking temperature. Note that convection cooking typically takes less time than conventional cooking, so check for completion approximately 25-percent earlier than the time stated in the recipe.