Can a Self-Cleaning Oven Make a Person Sick?

Self-cleaning ovens are helpful and generally safe appliances that allow you to skip the chemicals and elbow grease since they clean themselves. While the risks of using a self-cleaning oven are limited, it is important to be aware of the potential hazards they pose.

Make sure your kitchen is well-ventilated before using the oven's self-cleaning feature.


Whenever the self-cleaning oven operates, it releases a small amount of the poisonous gas carbon monoxide. While the amount is safe, install a carbon monoxide tester and ventilate your kitchen in case of a malfunction.


The self-cleaning oven needs to burn at an extremely high temperature to get rid of food detritus and grease. When burning at close to 1,000 degrees F, the oven can emit fumes that can be potentially toxic to humans and pets.


Some models of self-cleaning ovens have also been recalled for fire hazard danger. In 2010, some models of Thermador ovens were recalled for starting fires in the kitchen.