How to Replace a Magic Chef Microwave Light Bulb

Magic Chef microwaves are available in over-the-range or counter-top models. All Magic Chef microwaves have an internal light that illuminates whenever the door is opened or when the microwave is in use. Over-the-range models also have a light on the bottom of the microwave to illuminate the range cooking surface. After prolonged use these light bulbs will burn out, requiring replacement. Magic Chef microwaves are designed to allow the user to quickly change the light bulbs, without the need for a service call.

Cooktop Light

Step 1

Unplug the Magic Chef microwave from the wall outlet.

Step 2

Remove the screw from the light cover located on the left side of the underside of the microwave. The light cover is connected to a hinge and will lower, but cannot be removed from the microwave.

Step 3

Unscrew the light bulb, then screw in the new light bulb.

Step 4

Raise the light cover, then secure the cover with the screw that was originally removed.

Step 5

Restore power to the microwave to complete the installation.

Oven Light

Step 6

Unplug the Magic Chef microwave from the wall outlet.

Step 7

Remove the two screws located at the top of the microwave grill, on the front of the top of the microwave.

Step 8

Pull the grill toward you to remove it, then remove the flat charcoal filter in the center of the cavity behind the grill. To remove the filter, pull straight back.

Step 9

Remove the lamp cover located behind the charcoal filter slot, then unscrew the light bulb.

Step 10

Screw the new light bulb into the light socket, then replace the light cover.

Step 11

Replace the charcoal filter, then replace the grill and re-secure it using the two screws that were removed.

Step 12

Restore power to the microwave to complete the installation of the new oven light.