Lizards are a critical natural predator of insects, but can become pests when they invade your home. Pesky lizards are best controlled by exclusion and trapping.

Sealing your home is the best way to keep lizards out

Step 1

Lizards are normally very small and can easily sneak through cracks around windows, sliding doors, vents, pipes and other devices that lead to the outdoors. Use caulking and/or foam insulation to seal off your home from the outside. Make sure window and door screens fit tightly.

Step 2

Remove debris from your home's entryways. Lizards hide in wood piles, flowerpots, gardening tools and other items. Fewer hiding places around doors and windows will lower the chance of lizards sneaking inside.

Step 3

Place glue traps around your home's entryways. Once a lizard is trapped, remove it far away from your home. Use vegetable oil to break down the glue mixture and set the lizard free.

Step 4

Remember that lizards follow their prey. If insects are inside your home, it is likely lizards will come inside looking for a meal. Consider hiring an exterminator to reduce insect populations around your home.