How to Get Rid of Bees Around the Home

Bees are an important part of our ecosystem. Despite their benefits, bees can be bothersome around the house. Furthermore, a bee sting is painful and can be fatal for those who are allergic to the insects. Removing bees from around the house should only be done if absolutely necessary. There are a couple of different ways to remove bees from around your home. Care must be taken when killing bees to avoid any injury from the bees stinging.

Bees are benefical insects to the environment but can be bothersome and dangerous as well.

Dish Soap and Water

Step 1

Pour 6 Tbsp. liquid dish soap into a bucket. Add 1/2 gallon water to the bucket. Use your hands to thoroughly mix up the soap and water.

Step 2

Locate the bee's nests. Look in hollow trees, areas of the yard with high sun exposure, on the ground and in dry areas of the yard. These are the most common areas for bees to build hives. If there is more than one bees' nest, use the soap and water mixture for each of the separate nests.

Step 3

Dump the bucket of soapy water directly onto the bees' nest. Make sure to get away as quickly as possible after dumping the water.

Step 4

Repeat this process the next day if you notice bees still traveling to the nest. It may take several applications to get rid of the bees. If the bees' nest is in the ground, fill the area with dirt to completely cover the nest.

Step 5

Knock the nest down with a large stick once all of the bees are gone. Discard the nest in the trash.

Boric Acid

Step 1

Sprinkle borax powder around the area where you notice bees. If you have access to the nest, sprinkle a generous amount directly into the nest. If you cannot locate the nest, sprinkle the borax in the areas where you have noticed the bees. The powder will stick to them and they will carry it back to their nest.

Step 2

Wait a few days to see if the bees are still lurking around the house. Repeat the application of borax if you still notice the bees.

Step 3

Knock down the bee's nest with a large stick once you are sure all of the bees are out of the nest. Discard the nest in the trash.