How to Get Rid of Flying Gnats in the House

Gnats feed on the fungus that grows in rotted organic materials, which means these irritating intruders flock to your home when you have rotting fruit or oversaturated plants sitting around. Gnats can lay up to 300 eggs at one time, so if you have a single gnat in your home, you could be facing a full-blown infestation when its eggs hatch in about two weeks. A simple home remedy will help you get rid of flying gnats in a short period with little effort.

Vinegar is the magic cure for flying gnats.

Step 1

Drain all excess water from your house plants and put them in the sun to dry out the soil. Search your pantry and counters for rotting fruit or potatoes. Throw these items out immediately by placing them in an outside garbage receptacle.

Step 2

Fill your mason jar with a few inches of vinegar. Squeeze a few drops of liquid soap into the cup and stir until ingredients are fully incorporated.

Step 3

Cover the top of the mason jar with plastic wrap. Secure the plastic wrap to the jar with a rubber band. Poke very small holes across the surface of your plastic wrap, using the very tip of your sharpened pencil.

Step 4

Set the mason jar in the area where you have seen the most flying gnats. The gnats will be attracted to the vinegar smell, fly in through the small holes and become unable to escape the trap you have set. Refresh your gnat trap every day with new vinegar and soap until all flying gnats are gone.

Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan has been a copywriter since 2008 and has written hundreds of articles for various websites and blogs, including work for the Couple's Institute and Caney Technology. Morgan has a degree in practical ministry from FIRE school of ministry in Charlotte, NC.