Stihl List of Chainsaw Models

Among its lineup of trimmers, construction tools, augers, pruners and hand tools, equipment manufacturer Stihl offers a robust line of chainsaws. According to the manufacturer, Stihl produces the bestselling brand of chainsaw in the world. These saws range from consumer-grade occasional use devices to heavy-duty professional gear and electric models. Stihl's chainsaw offerings may change over time as the company continues to evolve.

Occasional Use

As of 2011, Stihl offers a dozen different occasional use chainsaws. These saws focus on the basics, offering a stable power-to-weight ratio and accessible features like the Stihil Easy2Start starting system. Stihl's occassional-use chainsaws range from the basic MS 170, which features an IntelliCarb compensating carburetor and an anti-vibration system, to the fully-featured MS 250 C-BE, which offers a toolless quick chain adjustment feature, a purge pump primer and a carburetor preheat shutter for extreme weather operation. Most of Stihl's basic occasional use saws feature spark arrestor mufflers, chain brake systems, front and rear hand guards, protected spark plugs and polymer housings.


Stihl's 2011 line of mid-range chainsaws, which gear towards farmers and landscapers with a need to cut down big trees and limbs, includes seven models. The compact entry-level MS 271 features reduced-emissions technology, preseparation air filtration, toolless fuel and oil caps and a side-access chain tensioner. At the top of the mid-range heap, the Stihl MS 391 adds an improved fuel consumption to power ratio, fuel and oil cap retainers and an IntelliCarb compensating carburetor. These saws focus on felling trees, cutting firewood and cleaning up storm damage.

Professional Use

For logging, land clearing and tree service professionals, Stihl offers a dozen professional-grade saws, from the compact and lightweight MS 261 to the heavy-duty MS 880, a large saw that accommodates guide bars up to 59 inches and features an extended chip deflector, an ElastoStart starter handle and a one-piece cast muffler. The MS 192 T C-E and MS 200 T cater to tree service professionals with features like top handles and built-in retractable carry rings. The company's most heavy-duty saw, the Stihl MS 469 R Magnum "Rescue" model, caters exclusively to fire and rescue personnel. This high-powered saw features a wrap handle, a segmented carbide chain, built-in tool holder, automatic chain oiler and special muffler shield.


Electric chainsaws by Stihl focus on environmental friendliness, offering low emissions operation. The quiet MSE 140 C-BQ caters to the occasional user, featuring a wide trigger switch and coast-down brake in addition to the standard chain braking feature. For mid-range applications, the similar MSE 180 C-BQ adds a thermal overload cutoff switch and quick chain adjustment options to the proceedings. Sithl offers the MSE 220 to professionals seeking an electric choice. This saw has more torque than the MSE 220 and adds a side-access chain tensioner, oil level inspection window, trigger switch lockout and slip clutch.