How to Make a Wine Barrel Table

If you are a true wine connoisseur, more then likely you have a wine cellar or a wine collection in your home. Be creative and make a wine barrel table to complete the look of your wine cellar. Or if you don't have a wine cellar, a wine barrel table will add character and charm to a sitting room, sunroom or a bedroom.

Used Wine Barrel

Prepare the Wine Barrel

Step 1

Clean the inside and outside of the wine barrel thoroughly using hot water, liquid detergent and a scrub brush. Depending on how old it is, it may have some mildew spots. Scrub with hot water and bleach to remove any mildew spots. Let the wine barrel completely dry.

Step 2

Sand the the outside of the wine barrel with sandpaper #120 in the same direction as the grain of the wood until it is smooth. Wipe away any debris with a soft cloth.

Step 3

Paint the wine barrel using a water-resistant varnish. Starting at the top, paint the varnish in the same direction that the wood grain is running. You can either use a clear varnish or one with color. For best results, paint two coats. Let the varnish dry for a day before adding the table top.

Make the Table Top

Step 4

Measure the wine barrel by wrapping a measuring tape around it to find out how many inches it is in diameter. Have a piece cut to size from plywood. You can buy the plywood and have it cut at your local home improvement store,

Step 5

Sand and paint both sides the plywood using the same varnish you used for the wine barrel. Paint two coats of the varnish. It should take a day before it is completely dry.

Step 6

Glue the bottom of the table top with carpenter's glue to the top of the wine barrel. Press firmly together for 10 minutes. Let it dry for two days before placing objects on the table.