How To Fold a King Size Mattress to Get it Up the Stairs

You have purchased a king size bed. The delivery guys have it in your house. You want it set up in an upstairs bedroom but their company policy dictates that they not move a king size mattress up the stairs. Now you are stuck. You have a nearly completed bed in your bedroom while the mattress sits downstairs. Take heart. Moving your king size mattress takes only a little rope and some know how.

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credit: BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images

Step 1

Lay out your ropes 5 feet away from each other on the floor. Lift the mattress and set it onto the ropes so that the ends of the ropes are protruding from each side. Lift one side of the mattress with your helper and fold the mattress in half. Sit on the end of the mattress to hold it in place. Tie the ends of the ropes in a square knot so that each rope is binding the mattress 1 foot from each end.

Step 2

Roll the folded mattress so that it stands on the ends and not the bend. Stand at one end of the mattress while your helper positions herself at the other end. Bend your knees, grasp the mattress with one hand on each side, and lift with your legs. Both you and your helper should lift at the same time to minimize the strain of the lift. Move your mattress up the stairs and into the room where it will be placed.

Step 3

Lay the mattress on its side on top of the box springs on the bed frame. Untie the knots (or cut the ropes if necessary) while your helper holds the mattress in the folded position. Pull the ropes free and slowly unfold the mattress so that it lies flat on the bed.