How to Pull Apart a Natuzzi Couch

Natuzzi is an Italian furniture designer that sells its products all over the world. The company manufactures a variety of sectional couches that bring two or more components together. Dowels, brackets or tabs on a left component lock into the plates screwed into a right component. A Natuzzi sectional can be split into separate components at any time.

Step 1

Find where the Natuzzi sectional separates or where the separate components connect together. Some sectionals separate in several different places; others connect in only one place.

Step 2

Place your hands underneath the component to the left that you want to separate from the sectional. Position your hands as close as you can to where the two components separate.

Step 3

Lift the left-side component up and to the left. As you lift up, the dowels, brackets or tabs will be pulled out of the plates secured to the right-side component.