How Do I Disassemble a Sectional Couch's Pins?

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Sectional couches can be taken apart to be rearranged or moved.

Sectional couches are designed to give maximum sitting and lounging space to accommodate guests. They typically come in two types of attachments: pins or clasps and snap-in connectors. In the case of the pin connector, the pins may be able to be disassembled or unfastened. The pins are usually embedded in the furniture's frame, making them a permanent part of the sectional. Disassembling a sectional with pins is fairly simple.


Step 1

Take pillows, cushions and anything else off the sectional couch.

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Step 2

Have your helper assist you in picking up one piece of the sectional couch. It should freely pull away from the assembly.

Step 3

Repeat for the other pieces, one by one, until the sectional couch has been broken down into separate parts.


Step 4

Locate the locking pins on the different parts of each sectional piece. Generally, the pins can be found on the ends and in the center of each piece. Grasp them with pliers or vice grips, then turn counterclockwise until the pins are unfastened from the couch. Put the pins into a sandwich bag for safekeeping.

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