How to Separate a Lazy Boy Sectional

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La-Z-Boy creates a variety of seating products for home use. Among the available options is the sectional. Sectionals are convenient because they come apart in at least two sections and often more than two sections. This makes it easier to move and adjust the furniture for personal preferences in the home. Before moving the furniture, unlatching and separating the sections makes the project much easier.


Step 1

Locate the latches in the sectional. The location of the latches will differ for each La-Z-Boy sectional and the number of sections. Usually, the latches are located at turns in the sectional, such as in the middle.

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Step 2

Tilt the sectional back so all of the sections are backwards, then look at the latches. Latches will differ in design and type depending on the specific sectional. Usually, the latch will connect by sliding in pieces together front and back or by lifting and dropping the section into the latch.


Step 3

Set the sectional back upright. Have a helper hold one section in place so it does not move. Lift the other section at the location of the latches to lift the sectional free if the latch system drops one side into the other. If the system slips together by sliding it onto the latch, push or pull the section until the sectional is separated.