How to Disassemble a Sofa Pull-Out

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If you have a sofa equipped with a pull-out bed and need to move it or repair it, you will likely need to disassemble the pull-out itself. This is the heaviest part of the furniture and often several retaining bolts and screws, going to various hinge arms which make folding it up and out possible, hold it in place. Though not a difficult task, it is best you take time to jot down notes as to the location of each bolt and screw for proper reassembly.


Step 1

Remove the cushions from the sofa and set aside. Take off any other objects such as throw blankets as well.

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Step 2

Grasp the handle or pull-out strap connected to the pull-out bed and pull it up and out. Then, unfold it completely so it lays flat, exposing the mattress.


Step 3

Remove the mattress from the pull-out and set to the side. Locate the retaining bolts or screws securing the hinge arms to the inside of the sofa frame. There may be four to six bolts, with two to three on either side.

Step 4

Fold the pull-out back halfway so the retaining bolts or screws are still visible but the bed is not fully-elongated.


Step 5

Unfasten the retaining bolts or screws using a wrench and socket or screw gun, whichever is applicable. Pull the retaining bolts or screws out slowly, with one hand while supporting the pull-out frame with the other hand. You may need to use pliers to successfully free the bolts or screws.

Step 6

Pull the pull-out frame out from the cavity frame of the sofa and fold up completely to make more compact and easy to carry. Wrap duct tape around all four corners to prevent the pull-out from swinging open as you move it, if applicable.



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