How to Close a Sofa Bed

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A sofa bed serves dual purposes, as it functions as both a bed and a couch. A sofa bed is an excellent addition to a small home lacking a guest bedroom. When closed, the bed folds into three sections that slide into the couch. Cushions are placed over the closed bed, which completely hides it. After using the bed, it must be manually folded and closed before replacing the couch cushions.

Step 1

Remove the pillows from the sofa bed and remove the sheets and blankets if desired.


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Step 2

Stand at the end of the sofa bed and lift the end of bed, below the frame. Continue to lift until it folds onto the middle portion of the bed.

Step 3

Lift the bed, below the middle portion, slightly up to raise the legs of the bed off the ground.

Step 4

Push the bed at a 45-degree angle toward the lower rear side of the couch until the bed is fully inserted into the bottom of the couch. The rear portion of the bed will automatically slide upward, into the backrest of the couch.

Step 5

Place the couch cushions onto the top of the bed.


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