Sofa Vs. Love Seat

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With a sofa or a love seat, a room is more welcoming.

When buying furniture for a new home or apartment, every detail from chairs to tables must work so you will feel comfortable in your living quarters. One of these furniture purchases, a couch, may be a tough decision for many buyers especially when it is a decision of whether to buy a full sofa or a love seat for your living area.


A low back sofa aren't functional for taller people.

A sofa goes by two names: a couch and davenport. According to Made How, a full sofa measures 84 inches wide and seats three to four people, depending on the size of the individuals.

Modular Sofa

The modular sofa also has a chaise option, turning a portion of the sofa into a bed.

If you live in a large living space, the modular sofa provides a customizable option. This sofa sells as the traditional three-seat option, but you can buy additional seating. To add to the modular sofa, separate each unit in the center and insert the new unit.

Love Seat

A love seat is a cozy addition to a home an apartment.

The love seat is a smaller version of the sofa, measuring 60 to 80 inches wide. The love seat fits two people and suits small spaces or a two-member family. The love seat, also known as a chesterfield or settee, became popular in the early 1900s.

Sofa and Love Seat Convertibles

The fold-down sofa bed provides firm support.

Both the sofa and love seat come in a convertible bed option.The convertible sofa and love seat both have a hideaway mattress tucked underneath the seat cushions. Another sleeper sofa and love seat option acts like a futon, where the top of the sofa or love seat folds down becoming flush with the seat. This is a sturdier option than the traditional hideaway bed, as you don't have to worry about bed springs breaking. If you enjoy having company, the convertible sofa has a full mattress that fits two people. The love seat has a twin mattress, sleeping one person.

Sofa Versus Love Seat

For people who live in homes with large living rooms, a sofa fits more people and also fills a large wall space. On the other hand, if you live in a small apartment, a sofa may not be the best option as its large size will take up room for other essential furniture and make a living area appear cramped. This is where a love seat is suitable. Its smaller size allows you enough room to furnish a space, yet provides the same functionality as a couch. A love seat also fills odd spaces that need a sitting area. For example, if you live in a home with a reading nook or a medium-sized bay window, the love seat will fit these areas.


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