How to Put Together a Simmons Baby Crib

Getting ready for a new baby can be both exciting and stressful. You not only need to make sure you have everything that is needed to care for baby; you also have to put it all together! Most items come with a set of instructions, however there are those times when you may find that the instructions are the one thing missing from the box. You may also find yourself without instructions if you buy used items or receive them as a hand me down.

Attach Stabilizing Bars

Step 1

Locate screws on stabilizing bar bracket—these are attached to the crib end on the corner posts.

Step 2

Hold catch lever down and towards the inside of the crib, hold the stabilizer bar steady and slip keyhole slots over the screws.

Step 3

Make sure bracket screws fit securely in the small part of keyhole. Tighten screws with screwdriver. Repeat steps for other stabilizing bar.

Install Spring Mattress Support

Step 4

Find the notched end of the support handles and hammer into spring clips on each end. The notched end of the handles must project through the clip.

Step 5

Place each support handle in corresponding hook levels of post brackets. These need to line up evenly.

Step 6

Lower the mattress support into the crib. Make sure the mattress support is flat in the crib.

Install Drop Sides and Casters

Step 7

Find the pre-drilled holes located on the bottom rail of the drop-side. Using the wood screws provided, attach the gate shoes securely with a screwdriver.

Step 8

Make sure the gate shoes are towards the inside of the crib. From the top rail of the drop-side insert rod, start with the post bracket hole then move on to the small end of the spring to the bottom rail then to the long bumper spring and finally the lower post bracket.

Step 9

Find the hexagon head bolt that is provided and insert it through hole located in the drop-side rod. Thread bolt down through to the threaded sleeve which is in the crib's corner post. Fasten bolt with wrench. Repeat these steps for the remaining drop-side rods provided.

Step 10

Fit casters into the sockets on the bottom of the corner posts. Make sure the casters snap into place.