How to Remove Threaded Inserts

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Things You'll Need

  • Threaded insert removal tool

  • Rags


The threaded insert removal tool is similar to a screwdriver in size and shape and rotating it to remove the threaded insert is very much like working with a regular flat-head or Phillips-head screwdriver.

Threaded inserts are used for metal, wood and plastic. They are installed similarly to regular screws and are threaded through completely. They are often used as set screws for furniture and other household applications. Once the threaded insert has been installed it is extremely difficult to remove, due to the fact that it is threaded all the way through and is hard to grip and remove. With the help of the threaded insert removal tool, however, these threaded inserts can be removed in no time.

Step 1

Inspect the hole where the threaded insert is located to see how far it is inserted and how tight it is in the hole. Make sure it is down in the hole just a little bit and is not flush with the hole so the insert removal tool can be set on top and remove the threaded insert.

Step 2

Set the threaded insert tool on top of the threaded insert. Line up the guide shaft directly in the middle of the hole to reduce the risk of contact between parent threads and the blade. Latch it in place so it is secure against the insert. Turn the tool counterclockwise around the insert, allowing the blades of the tool to cut grooves into the top coil of the threaded insert.

Step 3

Continue turning in a counterclockwise motion until the insert begins to loosen up and the turning becomes less strenuous. Pull up on the insert while still turning to remove it from the hole.

Step 4

Look inside the empty hole to make sure there are no shavings left over from the insert. Wipe out the shavings with a clean rag to clean the hole up before inserting something else inside of it.


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